Higher Up

OK.. If you say you don’t like tree houses your either telling fibs or your telling fibs. We know this because tree houses are the one earthly creation that bring out the 8 year old in all of us. They can be fortresses with watchtowers and passwords or whimsical constructions that seem to be simply extensions of the bark and branches themselves.

And because we adore them so much, grown up tree houses are a thing and they have evolved into structures that evoke awe and yearning in even the most Lemony Snicket type adults.

We have put together a selection of tree houses to inspire you to get outside and build from the ground up.


Redwood Tree house

redwoods treehouse

This striking pod shaped structure is in Auckland and the only access is by an elevated treetop walkway! See more images here.


La Piantata Bed & Breakfast

la pintata tree house CORRECT

Overlooking scenic views of the olive grove, this Italian gem is a truly unique  experience…  The tree house is built in an oak tree 8 metres off the ground and is surrounded by an olive grove and lavender farm.  The upscale B & B also boasts a restored 18th century stone farmhouse. Book your stay here.


Tree Hotel

tree hotel Correct

With all the “treerooms” designed with their natural surroundings in mind, you can forget about the constraints of every day life and relish in the ultimate mix of sophistication and nature. Tell your partner to book your getaway here.


Roost Tree house

roost treehouse

This architecturally designed wonder consists of pod like capsules that are harnessed to the trunk of each tree. The interior of each pod sleeps two people and the exterior platform has panoramic views of the surrounding tree canopy’s. You can see this tree house and more from Anthony Gibbon Designs here.


The three story tree house

treehouse 5

Said to be the tallest tree house in British Columbia, Canada. And who are we to argue? This is basically a fairy-tale lovers dream. Located in (wait for it) the Enchanted Forrest, the tree house holds guided tours for enthralled travelers. Visitors can also see the seasonal salmon run and visit sky trek adventure park. What are you waiting for…. Find out more here.

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