This is not a drill

Buying for the boys in your life can seem like a daunting task. And polka dot ties and boxer sets are really not going to fly after the 3rd year.

Preempting your distress, we have gathered some of the coolest gadgets on the net to make any man extremely grateful.

Weather your lad is a weekend tinkerer, a camper or a car enthusiast… Happy Shopping!



So basically anything from this range is brilliant. Magnogrips magnetic gear keeps the small stuff organized and within reach, so you can focus on the task at hand. From wristbands to tool holsters. Check them out here.

Mag grip 1 Magono grip 2


Winterfell Beer Games of Thrones T-Shirt

Its Game of Thrones. Crossed with beer. That is all.  Grab one from here.

Winterfell shirt Winterfell shirt 2


Stanley FatMax Power Claw

This power strip is cleverly built into a clamp. Attach it to just about anything, but especially perfect for keeping extension cords off the ground. Safety First. Find them here.

Grip Tool Power Cord Grip


Whiskey Stones

A great alternative to ice without diluting your favorite beverage, plus they just look really cool and suave. Find some here.

whiskey stones 1 Whiskey stones 2


PIG Form-a funnel Flexi tool

Made from soft rubber to form a leak proof tool, this groovey little gadget packs a punch. Mould it to endless shapes to pour or drain any liquid! Pick one up here. 

pig funnel 2 pig funnel 1


Stanley Bar Flex Worklight

Hang it where you need to, stand it on it’s own. Bend it, Twist it, Pivot it. This light will keep on shining. Handy around the work shed, camping or in the car. Grab one here.

Stanley Light 1 Stanly light 2


Leatherman Wave Multi Tool

The last multi tool you will ever need. Great for the outdoorsy type. This stainless steel beauty files, cuts, grips, measures, strips and will handle most small jobs. You can also pick up the leather holster for ultimate brownie points. Find it here.

leatherman 1 sheath 1


Personalized Vintage Style Leather Coaster

Each coaster is made and dyed by hand. Don’t ever forget what he drinks again! Available from here.

coaster 1 coaster 2


7 Replies to “This is not a drill”

  1. Awesome ideas! I haven’t seen many of these floating around the internet as of yet this holiday season. Kudos. Can you do a gift guide for the men in our lives that may not like drinking, sports, or tools? Asking for a friend… no not really, I’m asking for me. Haha 🙂

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  2. Such a great post – I must’ have been looking for tips like this for the last 20 years – and very timely for Xmas, thanks!


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